Gastric Sleeve Recovery

Because gastric sleeve surgery is a major treatment, it will take some time for you to recover and resume your normal activities. Make sure you have people supporting you during your rehabilitation and schedule plenty of time to rest. Continue reading to find out how long it will probably take and what to anticipate following your sleeve gastrectomy.

Recovering from the Operation

You’ll likely feel stiff and dazed when you initially wake up from the anesthetic. Your memory might also seem a little foggy. The effects may not go entirely for a day or two. As a result of the breathing tube used during the procedure, your throat may feel dry and irritated. Additionally, your incision will show multiple minor surgical scars. These will be closed with stitches or glue and dressed.

You’ll likely stay in the hospital for two to three days. The team will be on hand to offer assistance and respond to any inquiries. Expect to feel sore, especially where the incisions were made during surgery. You’ll receive some painkillers from the nurses to aid with this. As soon as you feel capable, you’ll be told to get up and move around because doing so can hasten your recovery. It could be challenging at first, but the more you do it, the simpler it will get, so it’s critical to persevere.

In about a week, the surgical wounds should recover. While they heal, you must keep them dry and clean. Usually, it takes 7 days to remove the dressings. There will still be visible surgical scars. You should see a doctor if you ever detect any redness, pain, swelling, or pus surrounding them since you could be infected.

Getting Back to Normal

You should rest for 3 weeks before returning to your normal life. For this reason, you need to get permission from your school or workplace. If you think that you will be bored during this return, you can ask your family or friends to visit you. In addition, it is important to have a relative with you who will help you for 3 weeks, as it will not be right for you to move too much. It’s too early to do the housework. You’ll be able to gradually resume your regular schedule as your body heals. Your doctor will also advise you to become more active, as regular exercise is essential for weight loss.

  • Walking is great exercise during recovery, you should gradually increase the amount
  • You should be fit enough to drive as soon as you are able to wear a seatbelt comfortably
  • Most everyday activities are possible in 2-4 weeks, but avoid strenuous activities or exercise
  • Gentle exercise such as swimming should be possible in about a month
  • More intense exercise can be introduced after this, with your doctor’s advice
  • Avoid lifting anything heavy for at least 2 months

Everyone recovers differently, though, so it’s crucial to pay attention to your body and consult your doctor if you have any questions. Be aware that following surgery, especially while your body is still mending and you’re adjusting to your new diet, you can feel very differently.

Your Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Following the procedure, you won’t be able to eat for about a day as your stomach requires time to begin mending. It’s best to just rest and recover since you probably won’t feel particularly hungry. The day following the treatment, you’ll have a swallow test to make sure your stomach is prepared. A radiologist will administer a specific drink for you to consume before doing a scan to check for any leaks. When everything is clear, you can begin consuming clear liquids. Even so, it will be some time before you can eat anything substantial.

  • Week 1: Clear liquids only
  • Week 2: introduce thicker liquids
  • Week 3: try adding soft or pureed foods
  • From Week 4: gradually add solid foods to the diet
  • Back to a normal diet in about 6 weeks (though still controlling your calories carefully)

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