Gastric Sleeve Surgery Ruined My Life

Gastric sleeve is a very serious weight loss surgery. For this reason, of course, patients are curious about the process after the treatment. Although not most of the time, patients sometimes have moments of regret. We will provide information about these moments in our content. You can also read our content to get information about regrets after Gastric sleeve.

Not being able to enjoy food

After gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, the indifference to eating is a psychological regret. Your stomach won’t let you enjoy eating as much as you’d like. Many patients experience this common sign of food addiction both before and after the operation.

Unfortunately, if you don’t alter your attitude and behavior over time, this remorse could seriously harm your health in the long run and contribute to weight growth. Overeating is a negative habit that is impossible to overcome once it is formed. That luxury is not available to you because your stomach can return to its initial state.

I regret not learning how to eat slowly before surgery

You can easily overeat if you eat too quickly. Before having a sleeve gastrectomy, changing to a slower eating style will undoubtedly be beneficial. Overeating can cause food to become caught in the small stomach, and it is frequently uncomfortable to remove it.

Some foods are simple to put on, so take your time, eat each item completely, and pause between bites. Always thoroughly chew your food before swallowing. The dish should have a consistency similar to mashed potatoes. Make sure to take small bites, and then gradually increase your intake.

Consume two teaspoons in ten to fifteen minutes. Developing these thoughtful habits will help you manage and appreciate mealtimes over time. The best course of action for managing this issue is to work with a Registered Dietitian, psychologist, or medical professional who has the skills to teach you how to eat mindfully and break the pattern of compulsive binge eating.

 Excess skin is difficult to manage after losing weight

A typical side effect of weight loss is more skin. You might have taut skin depending on your age, weight loss, and skin elasticity. More and more people are turning to weight loss surgery as the prevalence of obesity rises quickly. Following bariatric surgery, skin lift surgery is a cosmetic surgical technique. Its primary objective is to remove extra skin from the body as a result of extreme weight loss. The neck, arms, shoulders, chest, belly, back, intimate areas, and legs may be some of these places. Cleaning your skin can boost your comfort, fitness, exercise, and more.

Skin that is too loose or saggy as a result of rapid weight loss is a common worry following weight loss surgery. Rapid weight loss after a sleeve gastrectomy may result in extra skin in certain places, including the stomach, upper arms, and legs. But it always causes issues. Fortunately, a variety of surgical and non-surgical skin enhancement techniques can aid in tightening extra skin.

Body Dysmorphia: being mentally and emotionally prepared

Many people lose weight, but it takes some time for their minds to adjust to their new body image. The obsession with dwelling on faults and vulnerabilities is known as body dysmorphia. Many bariatric patients have this focus after surgery as a mental health issue.

You might have postponed having gastric sleeve surgery until you ultimately overcome body dysmorphia if you had known how intellectually and emotionally taxing it would be. To be able to understand your weight loss, it takes time and numerous modifications. For the first year following gastric sleeve surgery, you might still recognize me in the mirror. A lot of tension, failure, and disappointment are brought on by this obstacle. Once you finally see your progress, you can feel more confident and pleased.

I regret not being able to avoid hair loss

Rapid weight loss is frequently accompanied by hair loss. It can continue up to 12 months following surgery and commonly appears between 3 and 6 months after surgery. Your body is stressed as it tries to adapt to rapid hormonal changes as a result of eating less food and absorbing fewer nutrients. Although transitory and reversible, hair loss can be upsetting.

Nevertheless, unwind and stop worrying so much. Naturally, your hair will regrow thicker and stronger.

I regret not knowing how much my relationship with food would change

It’s difficult to imagine having a true, emotional connection to eating. However, it’s pretty surprising how the feeling of remorse follows you about like a bad breakup after having the gastric sleeve.

At number five on our list, regret is frequently expressed for not having been more ready for how profoundly your relationship with food will change. Before the VSG, eating is about more than just surviving. It was about mingling, rewarding oneself, and finding a negative emotional release.

Now, many patients can honestly declare that they detest eating since it feels like a chore. Following gastric sleeve, you do it out of necessity rather than desire. It requires a significant change.

I regret not having realistic expectations

Many people who get bariatric surgery believe that after the procedure they would magically and permanently drop all of their excess weight and never have to worry about it again. This is untrue; even following surgery, one must adhere to the post-op diet, nutrition, and activity plan.

Don’t be alarmed; you will have doctors, nutritionists, and many other people on the support group discussing their experience with you. You are not alone in this journey. Just like any obstacle in life, undergoing this life transformation will be difficult, but after you complete it, you will feel more satisfied with your life and more confident.

Gastric Sleeve a lot of work

It requires a lot of work both before and after. It’s a life-altering experience, so if you’re not prepared to make long-term adjustments in your life, it won’t work. Don’t believe those who claim it’s an easy solution.

I regret not getting it sooner

Why didn’t I have weight loss surgery earlier in life? is the most common regret we hear. My health has substantially improved, and all of my test results are excellent. I no longer have diabetes or sleep apnea.

“YES! I found it to be so simple. I waited to inform anyone until after the breakup because I didn’t want to hear negative comments. When I finally decided, I was really happy since it was so much simpler than I had anticipated. Even when you diet, your body feels MUCH better right away.”

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