Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatments

Is Weight Loss Possible Without Surgery?

When considering methods of weight loss without surgery, gastric balloons and gastric botox do not come to mind. since diet plans are the first thing that comes to mind. The term “diet” refers to a nutrition plan that consists of the right foods for patients who desire to gain or lose weight. Calorie restriction is a component of weight loss diets, and those who are trying to lose weight are mindful of the number of calories in the meals they consume.

However, no matter how effective dieting is, there are some illnesses or medications that make it difficult or impossible to lose weight. Different treatments are used in this instance to help the patient lose weight. Additionally, there are two distinct types of these: weight loss without surgery and weight loss through surgery. You can learn important information about non-surgical weight reduction techniques in this article and determine whether you are a candidate for weight loss without surgery.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

The two methods of weight loss available without surgery are gastric ballooning and stomach botoxing. You should be aware that there are two different approaches even if the application and the result are the same. Although the outcomes are not drastically different, it can still lead to a very positive outcome. You can study the following for a quick summary of the methods:

Using an injection of botox liquid, stomach botox temporarily paralyzes a muscle in the patient’s stomach. The patient’s digestion is momentary due to the paralysis of this stomach muscle that facilitates digestion. When the diet supports this, the patient not only consumes a modest amount of food before feeling full but also consumes a large amount of food before it is fully digested. This makes it possible for the patient to reduce weight gradually.

There are two different kinds of gastric balloons. The conventional gastric balloon is one of two sorts that make up this clever gastric balloon. They both function in the same way. Patients who receive balloon therapy feel satisfied in their stomachs and do not experience hunger. As it reduces hunger, this makes the patient’s diet simpler. Of course, doing this aids in weight loss.

What Are Gastric Balloon Types?

A non-surgical technique that promotes weight loss is the gastric balloon. It entails injecting saline solution into a stomach balloon. There are two ways to do this;

Traditional Gastric Balloon: This procedure includes putting the patient to sleep before inserting a tube into his mouth to access his stomach. Thus, the patient’s stomach is where the balloon is put and inflated. The procedure is finished as a result. It is incredibly painless and has no adverse effects. However, it needs to be taken off after six or twelve months. You should return to the doctor for this.

The swallowable gastric balloon, also known as the “Smart Gastric Balloon,” functions in a similar manner but has a different application. Gastric balloons that are swallowable are swallowed along with a glass of water. The process is finished when the balloon that was swallowed is inflated using the rope attached to the balloon. As a result, the patient experiences no pain, and the procedure goes smoothly.

The biggest draw is that following the surgery, the patient doesn’t need to return to the doctor. At the end of four months, the smart gastric balloon degrades on its own, becomes irritated by the body, and is then expelled from the body. As a result, the balloon removal does not require the patient to see a doctor.
For more information on Traditional Gastric Balloon or Smart Gastric Balloon treatments, please get in touch with us.

What Is Stomach Botox?

During a stomach botox procedure, the patient’s stomach’s digestive muscles are momentarily paralyzed. As a result, the patient’s ability to eat is not limited by the gastric balloon. Instead, the patient stays full for a long time since the food takes a long time to digest. The sufferer is thus given the means to do so. For instance, prior to stomach botox, the patient would experience intense hunger 5 hours after eating if he digested his food within 3 hours and threw it out of his body.

However, the patient experiences hunger almost 12 hours after eating following stomach botox. Losing weight is made lot simpler as a result. With the help of a dietician, the patient can maintain this treatment and possibly achieve a very positive outcome.

What Is A Gastric Balloon?

As previously noted, a saline-filled liquid is injected into the patient’s stomach during a gastric balloon procedure. As a result, the patient will never feel hungry again following the treatment since they are always satisfied. If the patient is given low-calorie meals in this situation, weight reduction will also take place. to describe using the earlier illustration for stomach botox.

With the exception of 8 hours of sleep per 24 hours, a person who experiences hunger three or four times during a 16-hour period will experience it only once after applying a stomach balloon. In other words, the gastric balloon allows the patient to reduce their stomach’s capacity while also preventing them from feeling hungry because the balloon will make them feel full. This provides a very successful weight loss result in combination with diet

Does Stomach Botox Work?

The effective procedure of gastric botox is regularly favored all over the world. Of course, not every patient should anticipate a successful outcome. Although everyone receives the identical application of the Gastric Botox technique, the patient’s living situation and metabolism may cause distinct outcomes. It would not be appropriate to make a promise that it will function or not because of this. You should be aware, nevertheless, that 80% of people who have stomach botox are happy with the operation. This fluctuates according to how the patient’s body reacts to the treatment and how they eat thereafter.

Does Gastric Balloon Work?

As with all weight loss procedures, the gastric balloon cannot promise weight loss. Because patients are significant enough factors to influence the treatment’s effectiveness rate. Some people are able to shed up to 15 kilograms in just two months. However, it is occasionally feasible to shed 3 kilos in a single month. The patient’s metabolism and the way their body reacts to the gastric balloon will determine this completely. The patient’s food plan is, of course, the main consideration. Because of this, patients will make their own decisions even if the majority of the time, the answer to the issue of whether the gastric balloon works is yes. According to science, using a stomach balloon, also known as gastric botox, is a very effective way to lose weight.

Stomach Botox And Balloon Similarities

Gastric BotoxGastric Balloon
It is preferred for slimming purposes.It is preferred for slimming purposes.
It is placed into the stomach endoscopically.It is placed into the stomach endoscopically.
Average duration of effect is 6 monthsAverage duration of effect is 6 months
An average of 20 kg of loss is expectedAn average of 20 kg of loss is expected

Stomach Botox And Balloon Differences

Gastric BotoxGastric Balloon
It involves injecting botox into the stomach.Includes saline-filled balloon insertion inside the stomach
The patient can leave the hospital in 1 hour.The patient should be under observation in the hospital for 4 hours.
After the procedure, the patient does not feel anything. It is rare to experience pain or nausea.The patient may experience nausea for 2 days. Therefore, he should take several drugs.
Botox liquid in the stomach of the patient is excreted spontaneously at the end of 6 months. The patient does not need to visit the doctor again.Unless a smart balloon is applied, the patient should visit the doctor again after 6 months for the removal of the traditional gastric balloon and the balloon should be removed with the same procedures.

Stomach Botox Or Stomach Balloon?

The effects of stomach botox and gastric balloon are comparable. Six months following gastric balloon and botox treatments, patients typically lose 15 to 20 kilograms. You can make a decision on this by reading the various similarities mentioned above. because the outcomes of each treatment will vary depending on the patient. Patients will, of course, decide what is best for them in this situation. You can make a decision more quickly if you have read our articles.

On the other hand, the gastric balloon treatment has a better success rate even if the complaints of patients after gastric botox are significantly lower. Remember that this varies depending on the patients’ preferences and nutrition, and make your choice appropriately.

Is Gastric Botox Or Balloon Painful?

Both treatments have the potential for painless procedures, as was already indicated. You won’t feel anything during the surgery because you’ll be unconscious. Both therapies may have a different outcome when you awaken.

After gastric botox, administering botox with just one injection of the procedure to your stomach muscle won’t bother you and you won’t feel anything.
Patients should give themselves a few days after the gastric balloon to get acclimated to having the balloon in their stomach. Your stomach will be uncomfortable for two to three days due to the gastric balloon. You should be aware that even if this is not unpleasant, you will feel uncomfortable after the procedure. In a few days, all these complaints will pass and you will be motivated for successful weight loss

Gastric Botox And Gastric Balloon Risks

Both gastric balloons and gastric botox have very low risk levels. This is why you should be aware that the likelihood of the following dangers occurring is extremely low. The following are other risks you can encounter:

Botox hazards in the stomach; if a patient is not allergic to it, there will be no effect. They may even lose track of the action taking place inside their stomach. However, this offers a life-threatening risk if you are allergic to botox. On the other hand, although if it is not regarded as a concern, it is conceivable for the patient to not experience any negative effects from the procedure and to continue gaining weight following gastric botox. This is as improbable as the others, but for patients who don’t pay attention to their nutrition, it might be unavoidable.

Gastric balloon risks: Despite being at least as risk-free as botox, the balloon may, regrettably, cause discomfort in some patients and may even need to be removed. Other than that, there is a one in a thousand chance that the balloon will deflate. You shouldn’t worry, of course, as there is little risk involved.

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